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Below follow the result of the search, and few data if possible.
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Chor Li no
Lam Chor no
Chor Wong no USA
Ives Chor no Seattle, WA,USA
Henry Chor YES France Well! The world is small. It seems to be that you are an ethnic
Danish/Scandinavian (by your parent's first names). What a surprise to
me knowing that some people are carrying "Chor" as their surname in
Denmark, that's something I would only find in Hongkong, I suppose.
Probably same to you as well. Nevertheless, as in Denmark, "Chor" is a rare surname in HK, too.

Yes, my origin is Honkong, and probably you are not surprised I am an
ethnic Chinese. I studied in England, employed by a British company
afterwards, and currently on a contract working for ETSI in France. I am
working in the telecommunications industry, mainly on system protocols.

"Chor", in HK, is an English pronunciation of my Chinese surname. As HK
people speaks Cantonese as their mother tongue (a Chinese dialect),
those people with the same Chinese surname in mainland China or Taiwan
(they speak Mandarin) will have different spelling in their surname.
Therefore, there are extremely few Chinese does carry "Chor" as the
spelling of their surname, say, one in a million!

Anyway! It is nice to hear there are some Mr / Mrs CHORs who are not
originated from HK. Bye!

God Bless


Leung Chor No Hong Kong
Nathan Chor No
Alberto Chor Yes Rio de Janeiro I was borm in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil I am 54, my father was borm in
Besarabia somewhere near Russia, my father's name Salomao Chor he had 2
brothers Suummer & Pinheiro, I know that he also had either 1 or 2 sisters.
By the way I have a site on the Internet http://www.playbrasil.com.
Hop to hear from you soon
Sincerely: Alberto Chor
Natalie Chor No Melbourne,

Victoria, Australia

Benny Chor No CA, USA ??
Carol Chor No
Emily Chor No
Herman Chor No USA
Anthony Chor Yes USA Actually, I am of Chinese ancestry, so the name is not Danish in this
case. "Chor" is a very unusual surname in China as well; I'm not sure of
the statistics, but most Chinese people I meet remark on how unusual it

The word in Chinese means "left" as in "left/right". It was
transliterated out of Cantonese when my father's family moved from
Sichuan province to Hong Kong after the fall of China to the Communists.
Other transliterations include "Zuo" (pinyin) and "Tso" (Wade-Giles).

I'm sorry I couldn't help you with your search for other Danish folks,
but it was interesting for me to find out a little about others with my

Good luck!
Tony Chor
Kong Chor Kit No