Paul Chor

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Paul Chor (1948) is living in Aarhus, Denmark;



Since 1982 Iíve been involved in sale, installation and support of products for the graphic business among other Autologic products.

These products are based on soft- and hardware solutions. The hardware used is mainly Intel Pentium Pro PC's and Digital Alpha PC's (running 300 -2000 Mhz).
The operating systems are Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

The machines are used for Postscript RIPS (based on Harlequin), OPI-solutions, transmission equipment etc

On the Outputside we deal in the company with laserprinters, Imagesetters and CTP-Solutions.
These machines are based on Laser technologi and a good part of optic.

The customers to the above products are Newspapers, Repro-houses and printing shops.

Written 2002





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